I spent the afternoon in the woods with this compact, $23 emergency survival kit — and it’s going to be my new hiking companion Leave a comment

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I start this review by admitting I have never owned an emergency kit. A first-aid kit, yes, but an emergency kit, no. I’m more of a “it will probably work out fine” kind of gal. But I’ve recently been taking my kids on hikes more, and was curious to try the Aqualite Basic Emergency Kit (now $23 with code SAFETY) for a few reasons: It is compact and lightweight (I already have two kids and can’t stand anything else heavy or cumbersome I might have to carry) and seemed, now that I have said kids, like it might be something smart to take with us. That’s because it offers features like a solar-powered phone charger and light, water purifier and bottle, fire-starter, alcohol wipes, Band-Aids and more — all in one little package that could easily be thrown in a backpack. 

Unboxing the Aqualite Basic Emergency Kit

The entire kit comes in a water bottle, which is made of flexible plastic and can easily smash down so you can cram it into your bag, and it also comes with a carabiner to attach it to your bag. The top of the water bottle is solar powered, and it does two things that I loved: 1) it has a USB port that can charge your phone (although the USB it came with didn’t work for my newer iPhone so I just used the one I have), and 2) has a light that can you can put on blink/SOS mode or regular light mode. 

LEARN MORE: Aqualite Basic Emergency Kit (now $23 with code SAFETY)

Once you open the bottle, you find a loud whistle (my kids hated it and screamed at me to stop but I can attest to the loudness of it); a flint and steel (this took me a while to make sparks but it did happen), alcohol wipes and adhesive bandages. The kit also had a water purification straw which I did not use because my husband told me if for some reason it did not work and I couldn’t help him take care of the children all weekend he would lose it. (Marriage chosen over work!). I did, however, see a reviewer online say they used it, for what that’s worth.

My take on the kit

Will I probably ever “need” this? Unlikely, considering I don’t go far. But it sure as heck made me feel safer having it with me. I loved the phone charger aspect of it, and the idea of a water purification straw should I ever get majorly lost.  The carabiner wasn’t of much use to me, and the bandages and alcohol wipes I already had. But overall, considering the price is low ($23) this seems like a solid emergency starter kit for someone who’s just starting to explore the outdoors and wants to feel a little safer. 

LEARN MORE: Aqualite Basic Emergency Kit (now $23 with code SAFETY)

That said, there are plenty of options for basic emergency kits. This entire section on Amazon, and this one on Walmart, are filled with options. 

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