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On Aug. 14  and 15, I was lucky enough to attend Camp Ignite, sponsored by Bowen Island Fire Rescue. Camp Ignite is a program for girls between 15 and 18 years old to experience fire and rescue training. This program is organized and carried out by female firefighters from across the province. 

As soon as I saw this opportunity, I knew it was something that was exciting and I wanted to be involved.  

Bowen Island Fire Rescue sponsored my attendance. They outfitted me with full firefighting turn out gear and sent me to camp with the coolest department T-shirt ever.  

The skills firefighters have and their training are extraordinary. Even the “simplest” of activities, like unrolling hoses, is tricky. 

I received training in putting out car fires, taking cars apart to get car crash victims out, hazardous material training, entering buildings with respirators, training on ladder trucks and an emergency line exits from five stories up. 

I have never been so hot and never had such continued physical effort over two days and I have never felt so excited about an experience ever. 

I want to sincerely thank the organizers of Camp Ignite and Bowen Island Fire Rescue for the opportunity to do something completely inspiring, that has left me hungry for more experience in this exciting and important community service.

Makena Coker

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