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FAQ: Airbnb Experiences

How does Airbnb Experience work?

Airbnb experiences are listed on the platform just like regular listings and can be booked in the same manner.

On the Experience page, you’ll search by interest and be able to see details from the host on what to expect, as well as the price, available dates, time slots, and group sizes. The experience will be linked to the host’s profile where you can see all their reviews and average star rating, too. 

Are Airbnb Experiences safe?

Airbnb’s health and safety guidelines recommend following local health and safety measures and has instituted required safety guidelines for all experiences hosted on the platform. When required by local laws, all hosts and guests must agree to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

Hosts must also limit their participants to a maximum of 10 people and follow Airbnb’s cleaning guidelines for any equipment or areas guests may come in contact with. They have also recommended adapting experiences to avoid physical contact and give guests opportunities to sanitize throughout the experience.

How do I search for an Airbnb Experience?

Starting from the home page, select “Experiences” above the main search bar and enter your location and desired dates. This will bring you to a page showing a variety of experiences in the area and you can filter by price, language, and themes like “art and culture” or “food and drink.” There is also a map feature so you can compare experiences by location.

How do I book an Airbnb Experience?

After selecting your date and entering in the number of guests, you’ll be brought to a payment page linked to your Airbnb account. On this page, you can review the guest requirements to make sure everyone in your group will be able to participate.

Do you tip on an Airbnb Experience?

Airbnb does not have a tipping policy but instead encourages guests to consider the cultural preferences of their location. There is no tipping feature on Airbnb Experiences, so any tips you give will need to be in cash.

What is an Airbnb Experience ambassador?

An Airbnb Ambassador is someone who recruits new hosts to offer their homes and experiences on the platform, earning cash rewards for every new host they sign up. It is different from the Referral Program because there is an approval process and it is designed to more highly reward hosts who consistently make referrals. Ambassadors only get credit if the referred host lists an entire home.

How can I create an Airbnb Experience? Do you need to be a host?

All experiences are reviewed by Airbnb and all you need to get started is an Airbnb profile. You can use the submission page to enter the details of your experience and review Airbnb’s quality standards.

Are Airbnb Experiences worth it?

Many Airbnb experiences are comparable to what you’d find on other tour booking sites, so it’s best to compare prices across platforms to find the best value. On Airbnb, you are more likely to find a unique experience offered by an independent host which always makes it worth searching on during your research.

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