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If you’re willing to invest more, we strongly recommend the 5.11 Rush72 Backpack. Compared with the OutdoorMaster (and everything else we tested), it’s more durable and more comfortable, but where it really shines is in organization. The Rush72 has 27 distinct pockets or compartments—not counting the three pencil slots in an interior pocket—to store emergency gear. With that kind of storage, it’s simple to pack and access everything you need; basically, each distinct category of gear (food, water, first aid, and the like) can have its own pocket or area. This takes the clutter out of the larger main pockets and reserves those spots for bulkier items like clothing, blankets, and protective gear. With the Rush72, we rarely needed to dig past one thing to get to another, which is what we had to do with the OutdoorMaster backpack. This easy access not only helps in a fast-moving emergency—such as when you’re trying to locate the first aid kit—but also when you’re taking a quick accounting of perishable supplies such as food, water, and batteries. At a glance, you know what you have left.

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