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Zendure has built a name for itself in terms of creating some pretty sweet power banks and portable batteries, but it’s outdone itself this time. Say hello to the SuperBase Pro 2,000, a battery pack that has a 2,096Wh battery inside and 14 outlets on the outside.

Available now via Indiegogo, the PureBase Pro comes in two flavors — but I’ll focus on the biggest and baddest for now — the PowerBase Pro 2000 with 14 outlets including six AC outlets and four USB-C ports.

So what makes this thing so impressive? Apart from its sheer size, there’s the patented GridFlow technology that means you can charge this thing to 80% in an hour. You can even charge this thing using solar power if you attach it to an array, but a normal wall outlet will do the job as well. Or use both at the same time — why not?

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In terms of actually using the thing, you have 2,000W of AC output and 4,000W of surge capability with which to power just about anything. Zendure says microwaves, washing machines, coffee makers, and more are no issue. TVs and fridges are good to go, too. Just plug it and and off you go — in fact, the PowerBase Pro 2000 can give you up to 28 hours of TV viewing without ever going near a wall outlet!

As you might expect, this thing is perfect for going outdoors.

If you like camping, you’ll love SuperBase Pro 2000’s 2,096Wh capacity. Use your off-grid camping gear for hours on end. SuperBase Pro 2000 is the perfect power solution for on-the-go events. Devices such as laptops, led lamps, drones, mini fridges and projectors can be powered by it for a prolonged period.

The possibilities are pretty insane, but you’ll pay for it. The SUperBase Pro 2000 is available at $1,299 for its cheapest early-bird pricing — a price that will increase to $2,299. The SuperBase Pro 1500 is cheaper at $999 (standard price $1,999) but only has a 1,456Wh battery. Both batteries come with a funky 6.1-inch LCD screen and LTE connectivity for remote control.

Sound like something that you need? Time to head over to Indiegogo to place an order.

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