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Campers, vans and motorhomes are starting to look more appealing than ever before – what other kind of vehicles give you the freedom to travel safely with just your family or friends, as comfortable as it gets, for an affordable price? With so many options on the market, it can feel overwhelming, but decisions are easy as long as you’ve got your priorities straight. The new Cross Trail motorhome makes them even easier.

Those of you who are camping enthusiasts are probably familiar with Coachmen RV, a company that’s been around for almost 60 years. Known for their campers and trailers, folks at Coachmen (now, a division of Forest River) have recently re-branded their Class C motorhome, as the new Cross Trail. Besides the advantages of a Class C model, Cross Trail also boasts wide solar panels and huge storage space, making it an eco-friendly, super-functional recreational vehicle.

While Class A motorhomes offer the benefits of a roomy interior and generous storage space, but have a massive frame, increased fuel consumption and a price to match, Class C models have a more familiar build (due to the cab section), better fuel economy and price point, without sacrificing space and comfort.

The new Cross Trail XL is a good example of that. Built on a Ford chassis, it has a durable exterior made of tear-resistant materials that also don’t reflect heat, with insulated sidewalls. All floorplans are designed to give a lot of storage space, plus a very large exterior garage, so you can bring along your bikes, camping equipment and any other adventure gear. The other main innovation is that the XL versions can provide up to 380 W of rooftop solar, besides featuring the largest battery capacity in class, a 400 AMP Hour AGM.

For even more comfort on the road, the Cross Trail goes big on everything on the inside, from large windows and a comfy bed, to a bigger cooktop and large kitchen counters. The Coachmen Even Cool Ducting System provides even more efficient cooling and, with WiFi Ranger, you’ll stay connected even when you’re off the grid.

The new Cross Trail XL Class C motorhome comes with a variety of floorplans available, from the 22XG version to the 33XG, with prices ranging from $103,288 to $132,600.

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