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For adventure enthusiasts, the Outdoor Retailer show that comes to Denver twice a year is heaven.

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Gear picks: I’m a gear junkie who has spent a decade working side gigs in outdoor shops, so I went to check it out.

Here are his top five finds.

Trango’s hangboards: Rock climbing is an Olympic sport, so start training for 2024 — or just get in a good workout. These offer sleek mounting for above a door frame. John says his also makes for a great conversation piece with guests.

EcoVessel Boss growler: This triple-insulated stainless steel growler made in Boulder is the boss of outdoor beer. It comes with a fine-mesh infuser that sits below the cap so you can add fresh hops, citrus or spices, acting like beer randall. Or just steep tea, that’s fine too. It will stay cold for 150 hours.

SheFly hiking pant: My wife loves this concept: A women’s pant with a zipper that wraps around to the back, allowing you to pee without taking them off. Bonus: The company is looking to establish a headquarters in Colorado.

Fireside Outdoor pop-up fire pit: I love a fire when camping — blame the Boy Scouts. But I’m increasingly worried about the footprint it leaves behind. This portable pit keeps it all off the ground, works for wood decks and it’s cheaper than this other one I’ve eyed for years.

Meko Outdoors canopy fan: Our family’s car camping and tailgate game is pretty impressive. But I found one item that would definitely up the ante: A portable, rechargeable ceiling fan for the sun shelter. Do I need this? Probably not. Would I enjoy it? Probably.

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