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August 13, 2021



Designed by Urawa-based Klipted – to withstand the elements, with space for 50 LPs.

Japanese company Klipted has launched a new record backpack, called the OTL.

“Our bags are designed to make our life’s work of DJing, record digging, outdoor hobby, and daily life more comfortable,” explains Klipted.

The two external pockets have a size that allows a 1-liter PET bottle to fit in easily. Inside the outer pocket, there are mesh pockets on both sides for storing small items.

Handmade, the record backpack has a capacity of 50 litres, with space for up to 50 records, as well as an internal front pocket – sized to hold 7″ and 10″s as well as A4 file notes.

Also functional for camping and hiking, it has a maximum storage capacity of 50 liters, an emergency whistle, and attachment loops for gear including sleeping mats and chairs.

The bag has been designed with soft material to fit to the body, with the aim of disturbing the weight “from your shoulders to your chest, reducing fatigue.”

Availabke OLT weighs 1.1kg, and measures 33x57x18cm, with two sizes available – Medium and Large, based on the wearers chest size and frame.

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