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Don’t know what you pack for your next or first RV travel? Let’s give some ideas!

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Yay, it’s your first RV travel, and you are pumped up about it. You have gotten your RV and have started packing for your road trip – that’s pretty cool. But, how do you know that you are packing everything you need for a satisfying road trip? Do you know what to bring along or what to drop at home? What about the kitchen utensils or the bathroom equipment – did you get the right one or are you forgetting anything?

Well, packing for your first RV travel can be exciting and overwhelming at once. You are confused about what to bring along and, at the same time, careful not to over-pack or under-pack for your RV travel. So, you come up with a grand plan of packing only the essentials. But how do you know the essentials to pack? That is where our article can help you out. To help you reduce the stress of over-thinking and over-packing, we have compiled a checklist of what you should bring along on every trip. So, let’s dive right into it.

Clothing Essentials

Clothing items for road travel are different from the ones you wear at home. You need to bring clothes that are suitable for all temperatures, weather conditions, and outdoor activities like backpacking, hiking, or cycling. Clothing items that keep you warm and are ideal for adventure or relaxation is something you should pack. Clothing items like:

• Jeans/pants/shorts

• Underwear

• Jackets/sweatshirts

• Long and short sleeve shirts

• Socks

• Swimsuits

• Sleep clothes

• Sun protective hats

• Rain gear

• Shoes: hiking boots, running shoes, sneakers, slippers, sandals, and even cros

Toiletries and Personal Essentials

You will also need a handy checklist to ensure you pack all your toiletries and important personal items. You can also add or subtract to the list we have compiled for you.

• Phone chargers

• Feminine hygiene products

• Toothbrush

• Toothpaste

• Floss

• Lotion/hand cream

• Body spray/perfume/body mist/deodorant

• Makeup

• Razor

• shaving gel

• Clippers

• Batteries

• Phone

• Watch

• Credit and debit cards/cash

• Sunscreen

• Bug sprays

• Comb

• Hairbrush

• Hair ties

• Reservation confirmation

• Medication

• Sunglasses/glasses or contact lens

Kitchen Essentials

One good thing about traveling in an RV is that you can always cook and eat fresh meals with ease. You don’t have to dine at a restaurant (except you want to) or feel off fast food from grocery stores. So, if your motorhome has a kitchen, here are some of the things you should pack.

• Coffee maker

• Can and bottle openers

• Cooking Knives

• Spoons

• Seasoning and spices

• Sponge and cleaning supplies

• Bowls, plates, and cups

• Pots and pot holders

• Serving bowls

• Sugar, salt, butter, pepper

• Ice-cube trays

• Measuring cups

• Paper towels and napkins

• Toaster

• Garbage bags

• Camping griddle and pie iron

• Tongs and skewers

• Cutting board

• Cooler

• Matches and lighter

• Disinfecting wipes

• Food items

• Cereals

• Snacks

Bedroom Essentials

These are the things you need for your bedroom.

• Bed

• Bedsheets

• Blankets

• Alarm clock

• Sewing kit

• Towels

• Pillows

• Cloth hangers

• Laundry hampers

Toilet and Bathroom Essentials

• Antacids

• Toilet paper

• Cleaning supplies

• Foot rug

Essentials to Keep Your RV Running

You will need these essentials to keep your RV running and add to your comfort. Things like:

• Generator

• Right-size trailer ball

• Drill and drill sockets

• Small vacuum

• Water pressure regulator

• Water tank filler valve

• Gas can

• Sewer hose

• Leveling blocks

• Drinking water hose

• Surge protector

• Electrical adapters

• Duct tape

• Flashlight

• Fire extinguisher

• Tire pressure gauge

• Extra transmission fluid and motor oil

• Extension cords

• Shovels

• Wheel clocks

• Spare fuses

• Rubber gloves

. Ax

• Extra bulbs

• First aid kit

Essential Technology

You should also include some devices and technologies that keep you connected to the world and also ensure you don’t get lost on the open road. Items like:

• WiFi booster

• RV specific GPS

• Weather radio

• Laptop

• Phones

• Power banks

Essential Outdoor Camping Gears

Outdoor activities like fishing, camping, and night star-gazing are some of the things that make RV traveling more exciting. So while packing, ensure you also pack items for outdoor activities. Things like:

• Hammock

• Camping chair

• Fishing gear

• Hatchet and wood

• Small backpacks for hikes

• Portable propane fire pit

• Sleeping bags

• Tents

Miscellaneous Items

Now that you have gotten the essentials, it’s time to get those extra items that you might need on your road trip.

• Books and magazines

• Binoculars

• Bikes and helmets

• Candles

• Houseplants

• Collapsible drying rack

• Lantern hanger or pole

• Umbrella

• Balls for any sport activities

• Safety pins

• Radio

• Television

• Park map and guidebooks

• Books and pen

• Puzzles

• Cards

• Board games

• Camera

• Guitar or any portable musical instruments

• Frisbee

• Yard games

Pheww – that is some long checklist! But it has its benefits – as this checklist helps you to pack all the necessary things you need for a fun and comfortable road trip. The above checklist is only a suggestion of items or supplies you should consider packing for your next trip. Feel free to customize the checklist to suit your needs and activities.

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