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Masks off, zit cream on: Summer 2021 may be all about looking good and smelling clean. Or so it seems, based on data that Amazon.com Inc.

released in late June about how Americans’ shopping patterns have changed from 2020 to 2021. Indeed, sales for everything from curling irons to midi skirts to toothpaste are way up from 2020, as many Americans ditch their masks and begin socializing and going into the office more regularly again. Here are the trends that America’s Amazon shopping patterns reveal:

We’re searching for better breath and whiter teeth

Sales of toothpaste, whiteners, and mouthwash were up 66% in April 2021 compared to January 2020. Top products include:

Amazon isn’t the only company seeing this trend: In its latest earnings, Walmart

reported that teeth whiteners had been major sellers in recent months. 

We desire to look chic

Sales of skirts, dresses, dress shirts, suits and tuxedos more than tripled in roughly the past year through April 2021. Among the most-sold of these items are:

We want done-up hair

Sales of curling irons are up 30% year over year through April 2021. Among the most popular items:

We’re looking for better skin, all over

And finally, subscribe & save sales of skin-care products increased by more than 38% year over year through April 2021. Top products include:

“Now that it’s summer, customers are headed out and about and happy to return to the things that signal normalcy. And that shift is evident in their shopping carts. We are seeing a meaningful uptick in dressier clothing, beauty, and self-care products like curling irons and teeth whiteners,” explained Carla Vernón, the vice president of consumables categories for Amazon, of the trends.

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