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A stowaway chicken has made a 320-kilometre journey in West Australia’s north hidden in a caravan, much to the surprise of the unsuspecting Perth couple who discovered it.

Cheryl Harman opened the hatch of her caravan after a three-and-a-half-hour journey from Sandfire Roadhouse to Broome to find a chicken and a freshly laid egg inside a storage cupboard in their caravan.

“I could hear this squeaking noise and I thought, “Okay what’s that?'” she said.

A woman holds up an egg in front of a caravan
Cheryl Harman said the chicken even laid an egg while in the caravan.(

ABC Kimberley: Andy Seabourne


She said the chicken jumped out of the caravan when she reached her destination and started pecking away happily. 

“It’s very very tame,” Mrs Harman said.

“It actually laid an egg in our tunnel boot.

‘We’ve renamed it Hitchhiker’

The chicken lives at the Sandfire Roadhouse, a popular stop-off point for people travelling from Karratha to Broome.

Roadhouse office manager Dorothy Taylor said it wasn’t the first time the chicken had snuck into a vehicle.

A chicken coming out of a caravan
Staff at the remote Sandfire roadhouse say it’s not the first time the chicken has travelled off site in a caravan.(

ABC Kimberley: Jacqueline Lynch


She said the chicken hitchhiked its way to Eighty Mile beach three weeks ago and had to be brought back 50km to the roadhouse.

“It has started to get into a few cars and caravans,” Ms Taylor said.

“We have re-named it; it’s not Salt and Pepper. We’ve renamed it Hitchhiker.

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