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When we think about quintessential summer gear, pretty high at the top of the list is a solid cooler that you can use for any activity — sitting in a backyard with the grill fired up, a beach day or car camping at your favorite spot. There are so many options out there when you’re searching for a new cooler, but rarely are they steeply discounted and actually decent. This Hybrid Cooler from Stoic is 50 percent off, making it just $62.

Stoic’s camping gear has been all about affordability and giving more people access to the outdoors with decent gear for a better price. The Hybrid Cooler has a handy strap for easy carrying, holds up to 24 cans and has semi-welded seams to keep the cooler from leaking as things begin to get melty. And heck, it looks pretty damn nice to boot.


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