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TORONTO, July 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With an increasing number of people interested in spending more time in the great outdoors, it can be difficult to find affordable, high-quality essential gear — especially cookware. So while many may dream about the under-the-stars grill out, the reality is often quite a mess, and costly, too. 

Enter the Bitty Big Q

The Bitty Big Q was designed with the outdoors in mind. As adventurers (and customers) themselves, the team thought of their experiences as hikers and backpackers forced to carry heavy camp stoves — which often cost hundreds of dollars — with them on their journeys. When they couldn’t find a better portable grill on market, they decided to harness their expertise to create one themselves. 

After years of design and testing, the Bitty Big Q was launched in 2019. To ensure that it was built for the modern-day explorer, it was built with LESS in mind: the grill is Lighter in weight, Easier in setting up, Smaller in size, and Stronger in construction. The team engineered the Bitty Big Q — which is engineered using the finest food-grade 316 stainless steel — to outperform any other grill on the market by focusing on the needs of the modern-day explorer, keeping compactness and simplicity at the forefront. Simply put, LESS is MORE with the Bitty Big Q. 

Coming in at an extremely light 803 grams (1.7 pounds), the Bitty Big Q is also the perfect lightweight camping grill for canoeing, kayaking or any other outdoor activity. It is compact, portable and can be set up in under one minute. When fully opened, the grill’s surface is 16×10 inches, easily serving 3-5 people. After use, it can be simply wiped down and folded up (dimensions: 6.7″x3.46″x3.43″), making it ideal for quick cleanup and transport. 

When not being used in the great outdoors, the Big Bitty Q’s ultra-compact and one-piece design features can also be used at home —  in the oven for baking, for roasting or even as a cooling rack in the kitchen. 

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