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By Liane M. Roth

For decades, military-style clothing and tactical gear were
meant for the members of the Armed Forces such as the Army, Marine Corps, Navy,
Air Force, Space Force and Coast Guard, as well as law enforcement personnel.
These days, civilians are just as likely to be purchasing such clothing and
accessories to aid their passion for adventure or just to look trendy.

Iconic pieces of Army clothing such as cargo pants and military parkas
have a long and rich history. First launched in the early 20th century by the
British Army, cargo pants were soon used, modified, and immensely popularized
by American soldiers. On the other hand, parkas were adopted by the US military
and initially intended for pilots and soldiers stationed in cold latitudes,
offering protection against extreme weather conditions.

During the following decades, military parkas and combat
pants maintained steadily growing popularity amongst wearers of all stripes.
Eventually, these useful and practical garments began to be embraced by the
fashion industry, too. This resulted in an array of modifications, for example,
combat shorts. Army and camouflage clothing as a fashion statement have come
and gone throughout the years. Still, today’s high-street menswear is strongly
influenced by Army-inspired styles, with sales skyrocketing across all lines.

Service members were quick to recognize the practicality of cargo pants and military
parkas. Their oversized fit, especially in the case of the Army jacket, meant
they were comfortable and were not restricting movement. Further, most of those
items have reinforced patches, more robust stitching and use sturdier materials
to provide protection and durability while still looking good. Last but not
least, enlarged pockets of both items enable them to store and carry necessary
supplies and crucial tools, giving easy access when needed.

Each and every detail of military and tactical gear —
clothing and accessories included — fulfils a specific need. Their military
background means that they have a thoughtful design and, throughout the years,
have been vigorously tested in every possible situation and environment. They
were also modified and remodeled to meet the requirements of thousands of
service members using them on a daily basis. The result? Items that possess
certain traits that allow their users to manage to live and work in all

Hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts understand that
well. Camouflage, permanently associated with the Army outfit, is, after all,
the staple in every hunter’s wardrobe. But hikers and campers are not left
behind, as more and more outdoor brands start to incorporate military-inspired
items and design solutions into their products. Interestingly, also labels
initially only associated with providing to military and law enforcement are
now opening to both serious and not-so-serious outdoors people.

Enter Military 1st, which seems to connect those two words
for all enthusiasts of the big outdoors. People looking for first-rate outdoor
clothing with Army and tactical influences should check out this online retailer
offering a fantastic range of such apparel, available in a selection of sizes,
various designs, colors, and camouflages. They can provide a wide variety of
attire to shield you from the harshest conditions, from scorching high
temperatures to rainy weather to freezing climes.

No matter what is your intended use, the right items are the
building blocks of every great outdoor experience. The knowledgeable team at
Military 1st gets it, and so the range further includes the finest camping gear, bushcraft
equipment and an array of tactical accessories. All from the world’s best-known
brands, at the best possible prices and with swift delivery across the USA.

Tactical gear includes accessories, tools and specialized
merchandise designed to fit the user’s situational needs. Military 1st sells
backpacks and rucksacks, watches, walking sticks, torches and lighting
equipment. Fans of hunting, other shooting sports or bird-watching will find
Military 1st carries a broad range of items necessary for the above activities,
like camouflage netting, shooting targets, binoculars and night vision
equipment, gun cases and rifle bags as well as specialist gun care accessories
to keep weapons clean and neat. There is also a wide selection of quality
glasses built to exceed rigorous ballistic impact requirements and provide
optimum protection against UV radiation.

Especially nowadays, more people are looking to experience
fresh air and wildlife, flora and fauna of the terrain and get the opportunity
to see nature up-close and personal. Whether you are an experienced traveler,
hiker or prepping buff or new to the wonders of the outside world, Military 1st
and its trained staff can prepare you for any adventure. 

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