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If you have never seen the need to have a flashlight, the chances are that this is the first time you are contemplating getting one. It is common sense that a flashlight is a vital part of your survival gear, but many people are still without one. The reason should not come as a shock; it is the same reason many people no longer use the post office or physical maps, your mobile phone, they can seem outdated to some who would now prefer to use a flashlight on their mobile phone.

Let that phone rest!

Your smartphone is already your calendar, scheduler, social media manager, contacts directory, to name a few. Although handsets are getting more powerful by the day with more computing power than the rocket that took man to space, it is still a communication device first and foremost. As a result, mobile phone manufacturers are focusing more on the development of connectivity and aesthetic features. 

The flashlight on your mobile phone is a plus or a gimmick. Its primary purpose is to connect you with the world, making it an essential survival gear in itself. As an example, the iPhone X at the brightness settings has its brightness capped at 50 lumens, while handheld flashlights can offer as many as 100,000 lumens of brightness. 

In all fairness, flashlights that produce tens of thousands of lumens can be pretty bulky, considering the reason you continue to use your mobile as a flashlight is because it is handy. The solution is to get an everyday carry (EDC) flashlight instead. The best EDC pocket flashlights are small, powerful flashlights that still offer thousands of lumens and can easily fit in your pocket or hang on a keychain. 

If you are still not convinced, here are some more reasons to get you a flashlight.

More functionality

If you have ever been in a major blackout, you would not need too much convincing to get a flashlight. The first thing to go off is usually your mobile phone, as trying to get help and keeping informed of the situational changes is sure to wear your battery down. On the other hand, a flashlight can light up your space for longer and cast beams farther for emergency services to see. 

A less gloomy scenario would be if you went camping. Your campground or location must be well lit so you can easily spot creepy crawlies, snakes, bugs, or any other wildlife that might interrupt your camping experience. No guide to camping is complete without checking off flashlights on your checklist. 


Threats to personal safety is prevalent in many societies, so having one more self-defense tool is always a welcome development. If you go to work in low or no light conditions, a flashlight can be your best friend. You can quickly flick the switch to identify potential danger with many models featuring a strobe mode that repetitively delivers powerful beams of light that can temporarily disorient an attacker. You also have the option of choosing tactical flashlights. These are of a sturdier build and can be wielded to defend against the assailant physically. 

The strobe mode and the sturdy build of some flashlights can give you the precious seconds you need to escape danger. 

What should I look for when buying a flashlight?

What to look out for depends on what you need the flashlight for and how you plan to use it. The following considerations would help make your choice easier. 

  • Size: You can choose between large, medium (EDC flashlights), and mini flashlights. If you would be handing it for long periods, you should consider either a medium or mini flashlight. While large flashlights would be ideal if you need powerful beams. 
  • Light output: The light output is measured in lumens, and more is always better. More is costly too, and that brings me to the last factor to consider.
  • Budget: It all boils down to how much you want to spend on a flashlight. Take comfort that you would find an excellent flashlight as long as you have a reasonable budget. 
How many lumens does a camping flashlight need?

The golden rule and one of the many camping tips is that brighter is always better when choosing a camping flashlight. You need to be completely aware of everything happening in your surroundings when you are camping outdoors, and a super bright flashlight gives you all the guarantee you need. 

Are tactical flashlights legal?

Yes, tactical flashlights are legal. They are juiced-up regular flashlights with a more durable build, usually more powerful batteries, and they generate more powerful beams. They are different from the flashlights you would see in most retail stores, but they are still only flashlights at the end of the day. 

Can you blind someone with a flashlight?

There has been no case where a flashlight permanently blinded an individual. It can only do so temporarily, and it is a very disorienting experience. 

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