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Heather Smith, Glamping and CampingWhether you’re camping close to home on a California road trip or even sleeping under the stars in your own beautiful backyard, having the right gear is very important.

“Trail Heads” ProgramWith so many trails in Tuolumne County, there’s now an app that can help guide you throughout the trails. See how you can navigate yourself on these awesome trails.

<< Good Day Rewind <<Here’s what you missed on today’s show!

Dog Dock Diving at Bark AvenueAshley Williams is in El Dorado Hills at the Dock Diving competition. See how far these awesome dogs jump into the water!

Trivia ToastCheck out today’s Trivia Toast! Disney characters.

Sacramento Shakespeare FestivalThe Sacramento Shakespeare Festival is back see how you can watch these live performances from home!

Gunther’s Ice CreamFor 81 years, Gunther’s Ice Cream has been a Sacramento staple. Julissa Ortiz is there showing us what delicious flavors they have for you!

Court’s Tune – 7/8Time for a Thursday Court’s Tune! Courtney has songs from 2020, and Ashley joins in because she might be the only one (besides Court) to know these songs! Play along with us!

Fight For The Right Exhibit At The California MuseumAshley Williams is at the California Museum checking out their new exhibit, “Fight For The Right!”

Meet Our Pet Of The Week!Marnie Musser from the Sacramento SPCA joins Courtney to show us their pet of the week, a very good kitty named Sassy!

Velocity Island Park in WoodlandJulissa’s at Velocity Island Park in Woodland, checking out how you can beat the heat this weekend!

New Season of “Impractical Jokers”James Murray and Joe Gatto join John to talk about the new season of “Impractical Jokers” on TruTV!

Secret Celebrity RenovationThe host of Secret Celebrity Renovation, Nichelle Turner gives us a sneak peek and joins us to tell us about their new show where celebrities pour their heart, sweat and tears in giving back and renovating people’s homes! See when you can watch this touching show on CBS!

What The Heck Is That? – 7/8, 8amRandy from Emigh Hardware is back with another edition of What The Heck Is That? Play along with us!

Velocity Island ParkJulissa Ortiz is in Woodland at and she’s showing us their newest attractions! See how you can cool off during this heatwave while having wet fun!

What the Heck is That?Randy Aspinall joins us from Emigh Hardware as we play another game of “What the Heck is That??” Do you know these hardware items?

Movies at the FortMovies at Sutte’s Fort is back! See how you can enjoy movies and games back at Sutter’s Fort again!

Spin the Wheel of Music!Every Thursday morning we spin the wheel of music to decide what type of music we will play throughout the show. John Dabkovich INITIALLY had the wheel land on Neil Diamond, but then he re-spun the wheel! See what it landed on to dictate our music selection!

Johnnie’s Jams Featuring Director Jonathan MerisIn today’s edition of Johnnie’s Jams, Director Jonathan Meris selects “Summer” Songs or “Hot” Jams! Songs that have to do with Summer or being Hot since we have 100+ degree day coming. Do you know these JAMS?!

WikiWho? Gary Busey vs. Nick NolteIn today’s edition of WikiWho? We compare Gary Busey vs. Nick Nolte. EVERYONE gets these two confused. See if you know the difference. Also, special guest appearance by Director, Jonathan Meris. (Hint: Relish is involved). Wait for it…

Question of the DayToday’s QOTD: “What movie still holds up?”

Calming Social Anxiety in DogsWith more people out and about post pandemic, our pets may encounter social anxiety. Ashley Williams shows us how you can get your doggie to adjust back to having people around him or her and calming their anxiety.

Nick Nolte vs. John DabkovichCheck out this side-by-side comparison of Nick Nolte vs. John Dabkovich….uncanny!

Five Teen FarmsA group of Lodi students found a creative way to raise money for their upcoming church and class trips! Lori Wallace is with the founders and farmers of “Five Teen Farms!”

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