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From craft beer to golf gear, there’s really no category of goods that you can’t get a monthly subscription for these days. Some men’s subscription boxes are a great way to save time and money on practical things you buy regularly, like razors, snacks and coffee, while others provide a fun way to expand your horizons or further explore some very specific interests. They also make for great gifts, whether you’re looking for a thoughtful birthday present or hoping to surprise someone who’s really into exotic carnivorous plants.

Whether you’re an aspiring sommelier, an ice fishing enthusiast or just a guy looking to grow a luscious beard, subscription boxes are a great opportunity to discover new items that are expertly curated by people who share your passions (often at a handy discount). Below are some of the best subscriptions boxes for men on the market right now, organized by category. 

The Best Men’s Subscription Boxes For Fashion & Apparel

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is everywhere right now, and with good reason: It’s incredibly user-friendly. You pay a $20 styling fee upfront (which gets credited toward pieces you keep), and then pick how much you want to spend going forward. Then, select your style and size, and a curated box will be delivered to your place, filled with clothes (sleek suits, casual jeans, on-trend jackets) and shoes for you to try. Keep the items you want and send back the stuff you don’t in the included prepaid return envelope. Stitch Fix also offers free shipping, returns and exchanges for customers—it’s really that easy.

Nordstrom Trunk Club

If you’re a fan of Nordstrom and enjoy shopping online, you’ll love Nordstrom Trunk Club. The subscription box service makes the process of snagging stylish, upscale menswear easy. Just fill out a quiz about the type of clothes you like, and pay a $25 styling fee (it’ll be applied to any purchases you make down the road). From there, you can choose how often you want deliveries. Shipping is free, and you can return or exchange anything you’re not into for free.


Bombfell has a little bit of everything in the men’s casualwear department, including laidback shirts, suits for work and accessories to tie it all together. Kick things off by filling out a style quiz, and a stylist will put together a box for you with up to seven items inside. Like other services, you can set a budget for each item and even approve things before they’re sent your way. You can also choose how often you get a box—monthly or seasonally. You’ll pay a $20 styling fee for each box, but can use that money as a credit toward any purchases you make. You’ll also get a discount on the items you buy, and the more you buy, the bigger the markdown.

Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak focuses on delivering quality, eco-conscious clothing right to consumers. The company’s Style Plan is their monthly subscription service that sends seasonal pieces (eco-friendly tees, denim, outwear and accessories) based on your preferences. Like other services, you try things on and only pay for the stuff you keep, and in this case you get 30 days to decide. Signing up also entitles you to receive member prices up to 20% off the sticker price and free standard shipping sitewide at any time, in case you want to supplement your box with other styles.


Flip flops, swim trunks and beach T-shirts don’t last forever, and that’s where Beachly comes in. The company ships beach-inspired gear to you four times a year, with up to five coastal style-inspired items, including sunglasses, tees and hats. You’ll pay $99 per box, plus shipping, but you can get that price down to $85 per box if you pre-pay for the year. No matter how you pay, each box is valued at $180 or more, making it a pretty great deal.

The Best Men’s Subscription Boxes for Outdoor Gear


If you’re into camping you know that it requires some serious gear. Luckily, Cairn has got your back with some of the newest outdoor products out there. Each monthly box features expert-curated outdoor products like Smartwool socks, a Serac hammock and Eagle Creek compression cubes. And it’s a pretty good deal with up to $50 off the retail value of each box.

Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post offers up subscription boxes for practically every men’s hobby and category, including DIY alcohol distilling, paella-making, grooming and beach gear. Once you sign up for a membership, you can pick or choose your box each month.

Mystery Tackle Box

Mystery Tackle Box

With three different plans priced at $20, $30 and $40 per month, and free shipping, Mystery Tackle Box offers anglers of any expertise a steady supply of fishing lures and tackle at a discount of up to 40%. Customize your box based on your chosen catch, with options that include bass, inshore saltwater fish, panfish and trout, walleye or a versatile multi-species offering. And if you want to switch things up (e.g. try their seasonal ice fishing package), you can change your selection or pause/cancel your subscription at any time.

Swinger Box

If you’re a golfer, you might have realized that buying balls at the pro shop is not the most economical. Swinger Box’s Essentials package sends balls, tees and a fresh new glove to your door, eschewing toss-ins you might not use in favor of the necessities you need to work on your long game. Those looking for more than just basics can opt for the Gear package, which includes apparel and accessories. A brief survey helps ensure that the clothing fits your size, style and game, and both packages are free of shipping costs.


Many plant subscription boxes charge upwards of $60 monthly to ship plants you’ll eventually run out of time or properly-lit space for. Leaf’d offers a more practical and economical approach with timely, hardy herb and vegetable packages, billed and shipped—for free, if you pre-pay for the annual plan—at the beginning of each season. At an average price of $4.50 per plant, packages are tailored to your local climate and come with helpful tips and resources to grow your gardening game. Plus, through their partnership with World Vision, each annual Leaf’d subscription provides someone in need with a year of clean drinking water.


If you run often enough to consider a subscription box, you likely already own some solid apparel and gear that don’t need frequent replacement. On the other hand, every runner does need to regularly replenish their fuel supply. In addition to its core of essential bars, chews and healthy snacks, each StrideBox delivery also includes useful skincare and hygiene products as well as accessories, plus bonus content like recipes and workout suggestions.

The Best Men’s Subscription Boxes For Accessories

Watch Gang

If you’re one of those people who think you can never have too many watches, Watch Gang is here to make sure you get your regular fix. The process is pretty simple: Choose the style you prefer (like elegant, adventurous, expressive) and then Watch Gang will send a new watch to you each month. The whole concept is built on being surprised, but if you’re not into that, you can check out the company’s Wheel of Watches and Member Store to pick out a watch you’d like. A monthly subscription for watches valued at up to $150 is $50, but you can pay a little more per month if you want to snag more valuable models.

The Tie Bar

Tie Bar has just about any kind of tie you could want: skinny ties, regular ties, extra-long ties, bowties. The company offers up different tiers and prices depending on how many deliveries you want and the style you’re after. For a six month subscription, you’ll get three ties upfront, and three more ties six months later. For 12 different ties, you’ll get three new options every three months and pay $199 (extra long ties are a little more, at $259). The same options are available for bow ties, if that’s more your thing.

Gentleman’s Box

Gentleman’s Box curates around a different style each season, with past boxes including London, coastal, wanderer and formal themes. Each edition contains four to six different products, like premium leather goods, high-quality electronics (think bluetooth speaker) and luxury home essentials (a bottle opener or mugs), all with a combined value of at least $300. You’ll also receive a booklet with each box, explaining the style inspiration of your choices. Once you sign up, you can expect to receive a new box every three months.


SprezzaBox focuses on sending updated, seasonal items in a monthly box. Each shipment contains a range of stylish men’s accessories, including socks, ties, sunglasses and watches. You pay $28 a month, select the curated box of goods that you want online and it’s shipped straight to your place. New boxes are available every month, so there’s always something different to choose from.

Basic Man

Buying basics like tees, underwear, and socks isn’t exactly the most stimulating activity on the planet, but it needs to be done — especially since these goods wear out over time. That’s where Basic Man comes in. The subscription service ships their high quality cotton T-shirts, socks and boxer briefs to you on a monthly basis. You just select your size, choose from a $20 monthly payment or pre-paid plan and wait for your package to arrive.


Stance is a monthly subscription service that offers attractive underwear and socks. Choose whether you prefer monthly or quarterly shipments of one or the other (or both), then answer some quick questions about your personal style, size and preferences and a box will be sent your way soon after. You can either let Stance staffers pick stuff for you, or you can hand-select your box.

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Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy is a monthly subscription service that delivers a variety of unique and quirky socks straight to your door. They’re designed by Sock Fancy’s in-house design team and are constructed of high quality, 200-thread count cotton. Pairs are chosen at random but if you don’t love the ones with aliens on them, simply send them back and receive a brand new pair.

The Best Men’s Subscription Boxes For Food & Beverages


Winc uses a profile quiz to get a sense of your tastebuds and the type of wine you might like. It asks questions like how you like your coffee (if you like coffee at all), how adventurous an eater you are and whether you prefer citrusy or earthy flavors in your food. From there, you’ll get a monthly delivery of four bottles of handcrafted wines for $39, plus $9 shipping. Then refine your taste preferences by rating what you receive.


Tavour offers a constantly rotating selection of hard-to-find, independently-produced craft beers from over 650 breweries—with two ways to enjoy it. You can establish your preferences and subscribe to a curated collection of brews to suit those tastes, or you can choose specific beers from what’s currently on tap to create your own box. Whether you choose two beers or twenty for the latter, Tavour charges a flat shipping rate. It’s equal parts discovery platform and marketplace, tailored to your liking.

Porter Road

Nashville-based Porter Road offers sustainably and humanely raised beef, lamb, pork and chicken sourced from Kentucky and Tennessee farms. Subscription options range from the $70 Grill Master Box, which includes dry aged steak, dry aged burger patties and bratwurst, to the expansive Butcher’s Choice Box, which pairs a roster of classics with rotating seasonal favorites. Boxes ship (with free shipping) every two, four or eight weeks and can be customized to add your favorite cuts.

Atlas Coffee Club (and Atlas Tea Club)

Every two or four weeks, Atlas Coffee Club sends you a bag—or up to four—of single-origin coffee from a different country. To ensure maximum freshness, beans aren’t roasted until they’re ordered and can be sent by your preferred options of light, medium or dark roasts (or an assortment of all three). Sustainably sourced and ethically produced, each bag comes with brewing information and tasting notes about the coffee and the region from which it hails. Its sister company Atlas Tea Club offers the same experience for tea lovers.


If you’re into checking out new and delicious products from local and regional artisans, Mouth is the best place to start. Choose from a wide selection of cookies, jerky, pickles and other snacks foods for a monthly box of fun and interesting treats. You can pay as you go for $60 a month, or sign up for a whole year at once for $54 a month.


Flaviar focuses on making rare and expensive spirits accessible to subscribers. Once you sign up for a membership (you can pay $32 a month for a quarterly subscription, or $25 a month for an annual subscription), you’ll have access to spirits like Few rye whiskey and Jean Marc XO vodka. Subscriptions come with monthly free shipping and a free quarterly spirits delivery of a tasting box and full-size bottle of your choosing. Members also get to try exclusive bottlings. After you sign up, you can pick and choose your bottles.


Interested in trying your hand at new cocktails, but not interested in investing in full-size bottles? SaloonBox picks all of the ingredients you need to make several rounds of a craft cocktail, and ships it straight to your door. Each kit includes spirits, ingredients and recipe cards, with enough ingredients to make four drinks. Choose between a three-month subscription (for $53 a month), six-month subscription ($51 a month) and 12-month subscription ($49 a month), pick your kits, and soon you’ll be ready to start mixing.


Trade is a high-end coffee subscription service that highlights multiple boutique brands like Equator, Quills and Huck. When you sign up, you’ll be asked to take a quiz about your preferences. Then, pick how often you want a delivery, and it’ll show up at your door just when you need it so you never run out of beans. Once you get your coffee, you can rate it so Trade can get a better idea of your tastes going forward.

Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest is big in the delicious, healthy food delivery game. The company specializes in things like soups, smoothies, chia parfaits, oats, harvest bowls and lattes. Some dishes are gluten-free, vegan or keto-friendly, and Daily Harvest lets you pick and choose online what will be shipped your way. There are several different plans, including weekly and monthly for different items. Smoothies, for example, will cost anywhere from $67 for nine smoothies to $172 for 24 smoothies.


CraftShack has a ridiculously good array of craft beer for newbies and enthusiasts alike. The service features a bunch of new releases and old favorites, including stouts, IPAs, sours, and beers that are having a moment, like Black Plaque Tony Hawps IPA. The company’s Craft Beer Club box ships six specialty items for you to enjoy each month.


Each month, BBQ Box ships all the tools you need to have an epic BBQ experience. Boxes include items like award-winning sauces or marinades, a rub or spice, a snack (like jerky or salami) and wood chips or planks. Plus, each box contains a recipe that breaks down ideas on how to use your new goods.

The Best Men’s Subscription Boxes For Grooming & Personal Care

Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club has built up a rep for making it cheap and easy to get a solid shave. The company’s monthly subscription service provides a starter kit featuring your choice of blade, and then sends replacement cartridges in the subsequent months. Just choose your preferred blade (twin, 4-blade, or 6-blade option) or a starter set (which includes the razor and some of the club’s most popular grooming products). Plans start at $5 a month for a starter kit, and $9 after that.

Lumin Skincare

Lumin offers upscale skincare products for men at affordable prices, and the company’s subscription service is no exception. Once you sign up, you’ll be sent a curated box of products based on your needs every two months. Choose from an age management set, a classic maintenance set or a correction trio.

The Beard Club

Your facial hair deserves as much love as the rest of your hair, which is where The Beard Club comes in. This subscription service offers products like beard oil, facial hair combs and growth vitamins, all with the intention of making your beard the best it can possibly be. Subscriptions start at $33 for their starter kit, and goes up to $59 a month for those basics, in addition to beard spray, beard shampoo and more.

BirchBox Man

Birchbox is a grooming subscription service that sends a personalized mix of skincare, hair styling and other grooming samples to customers on a monthly basis. Once you sign up for membership, you fill out a grooming profile and a selection of brand name products are curated for your box. A nice bonus: Birchbox sends a free gift with every box. And, if you decide you’re into any particular sample, you can purchase a full-size product in the online store at a discount. Membership is $10 a month, with free shipping.


There are a lot of colognes out there to choose from, and trying to sample them all can be tricky. Scentbird does the work for you. It’s a monthly subscription service that allows you to test out brand name colognes. With Scentbird, you can sample a smaller size of a fragrance for $15 without committing to a full bottle. Once you join, you can pick from more than 150 different fragrances each month. Your scent will arrive in a travel-friendly spray bottle, and you’ll also get a reusable black bottle with your first order.


If you’re like most people, you probably swap out your toothbrush way less often than you should. But Boka takes care of it for you. The company kicks things off with a $65 oral care starter kit that includes a sonic-powered brush with a magnetic charging dock, along with products and accessories. Every three months after that, they’ll ship replacement products with a free travel brush. Boka offers up a range of subscriptions, including ones that just focus on manual toothbrushes ($25 a month) and others that focus on accessories, like their signature Coco-Ginger toothpaste ($12).


Getting a good shave requires the right equipment, and Harry’s is here to make sure you never run out. The service kicks off with a trial pack: a Truman Handle, one blade, a 2-ounce shave gel and a travel blade cover. From there, you’ll start receiving Shave Plan shipments, featuring the shaving gear of your choice, as often as you’d like.

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