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If you’ve ever watched an episode of Survivor, you know that surviving in the wild is no joke. Same for weather emergencies, sudden power outages, or the obviously forthcoming zombie apocalypse. If you’re going to get through any of these scenarios with ease, you’re gonna need some supplies. The best survival gear on Amazon is a great place to start.

Search for emergency preparation items on Amazon and you’ll find every survivalist invention you could think of to turn yourself into the ultimate Doomsday Prepper. We’re talking solar-powered radios, tactical knives, folding shovels, paracord bracelets, emergency food kits, and complex water filtration systems.

Some of these gadgets are super practical while others are a teeeensy bit over the top. (We’re looking at you, $7,000 self-priming water desalinator.) So before you start investing in things like night vision goggles or nuclear gas masks, it makes sense to start out with some basic survival gear — things that will help you have food, shelter, water, and first aid supplies should the unexpected occur.

On top of preparing you for an actual emergency, this will also do wonders for making you feel a bonafide grown-up. There’s no way anyone can say you’re not a grown-ass adult when there’s an earthquake preparedness kit in your garage, right?

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