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There’s no such thing as being too prepared for an emergency. Whether you’re in a dire situation or simply going on your annual family camping trip, it’s essential you have the right survival tools. You never know what could happen. You could run out of fresh water, get a deep wound, or forget your tent. Then what? That’s why we’ve compiled a list of seven survival must-haves. Be sure to check them out below:

There’s nothing more important in a survival situation than potable water. LifeStraws function as a water filter for any after source in the wild. This straw removes 99.99% of harmful bacteria from water sources that otherwise may be considered undrinkable. The water filter embedded within this gadget will provide you with 792 fresh gallons of water. That’s an incredible amount of water for one, small straw to filter. 

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This emergency preparedness kit basically comes with everything you’d need to survive in an emergency situation. With your purchase: you’ll receive: a compass, body warmers, a complete hygiene kit, a paracord bracelet, a first aid kit, an emergency tube tent, and much more. Many survival kits come in smaller packs, not a pre-packed backpack that’s ready to use. That’s what makes this kit so enticing.

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This solar charger will come in handy if you’re on a multiple-day hike, camping trip, or trek. It’s always a good idea to have your phone charged just in case of an emergency. But when you’re in the middle of the forest, there’s nowhere to plug in! That’s where this solar charger comes into play. With your purchase comes a 25000mAh solar charger, one micro-USB cable, and a user manual.

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This product is a best seller with our Brightbulb fans. With your purchase, you’ll receive an emergency blanket, a window breaker, a 7-in-1 spork, a wire saw, a paracord bracelet, a tactical knife and pen, a fire starter, a water bottle clip, and a saber card. This kit is durable enough to be thrown into your car or stashed in your desk without any wear-and-tear. It’s an extremely smart idea to have a survival kit with many essentials all in one place.

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This lighter is flameless. You may be asking how that’s possible. Well, this little gadget uses an electric dual arc lighting system that is USB rechargeable. With one charge, you’ll be able to use it up to 300 times. That’s pretty useful!

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In an emergency situation, you may not have access to fresh food. That means you’re going to have to find another, unconventional way to eat. That’s where this fishing kit comes into the equation. This kit comes with two types of monofilament fishing lines, bobbers, worms, spinners, hooks, weights, and so much more. You’ll be happy you have this handy little kit if there’s nothing else for you to eat, that’s for sure!

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With more than 22,000 ecstatic reviews on Amazon, it’s safe to say you or your husband or boyfriend will enjoy these tactical pants. In fact, customers love this item so much, it’s dubbed the #1 bestseller in men’s hiking pants! Featuring an elastic waistband and 10 pockets, these pants are perfect for outdoorsmen.

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This is a rather unique, yet useful, survival kit. Hand-wrapped and assembled in the famously strong paracord, this survival kit contains many of the essentials you absolutely need, including: a pocket knife, bobby pins, a compass, fishing hooks, bandages, sutures, a signal mirror, and more.

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From acting as a rain poncho to potentially saving someone’s life as a tourniquet, these Mylar blankets can be used for just about anything you can think of. These blankets weigh virtually nothing, so you can easily stash them in your closet, basement, backpack, car, or wherever else you see fit. To have such a versatile tool for only $13.99 is pretty incredible.

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This trustworthy Ferro rod provides up to 20,000 strikes. Listen to what one customer has to say about their purchase:

“This is one of the things in life that cost way more but are worth it. If this is really needed in an emergency, it would be worth $100 or $1000, so $20+ is cheap in comparison. Worth it!”

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With each bar containing more than 400 calories, these are the perfect hiking, camping, and survival snack. These bars come in different flavors like lemon, tropical fruit, blueberry, and more!

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A Life Tent could be the difference between life and death in dire situations. This tube tent reflects 90% of your body heat, so you’ll be kept warm and cozy. It is wind and water-resistant, keeping out snow, rain, sleet, and any other type of harsh weather conditions you can think of. What’s really awesome about this product is its color. If you’re stuck in a barren area with no signs of life nearby, the bright orange can potentially signal someone that you need help right away.

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This microfiber towel can be used to wick moisture from your body, dry off after a swim in the lake, or soak up messes. It even comes with a compact carrying case so you can easily store it in your backpack. If you’re planning to go on long hikes this summer, don’t hesitate to purchase this product.

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