What it’s like to canoe from Depot Lake to Allagash Village Leave a comment

This is part two of a two part series. See the first part here.

On the third day of our expedition from Depot Lake to Allagash Village, we awoke in our tents under a protective carpet of tarps to cool sunny weather. Situated on the remnants of an ancient logging road at the site of a washed out bridge on remote Depot Stream, we were about nine miles downstream from Depot Lake.

As a result of effective tarp installation, our tents and gear had remained relatively dry despite heavy rains the night before. More importantly, based on a tiny island in the stream I had observed when we arrived the previous day, the water level had risen about three inches as a result of the storm. The additional flow was much needed as our crew of five canoes and two kayaks had 13 more miles to paddle on the shallow Depot Stream before arriving at the more substantial Big Black River.

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