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Electric hook-up for tents is fairly commonplace on campsites these days, but there are still some that don’t offer it on every pitch – and some ‘back-to-basics’ sites make a virtue out of being completely off-grid.

But what if you find a mains-free site you love but you don’t fancy giving up on your electric-powered essentials, like lighting, coolboxes or phone chargers?

Generating your own power is the answer, and this completely silent and clean power station, available from Rally Design, should give you what you need to stay connected.

Think of it like a mini power bank on steroids. You can charge it up at home on the mains, through the 12V socket in your car or via a solar panel. It will then supply enough power to run devices like LED lamps, coolboxes, fans, phones, and even small TVs.

Unlike a traditional generator, there is no petrol required so it’s safe to use in a tent. It’s also a handy size to fit in the car.

Team it up with a solar lighting kit, also from Rally Design, which includes four LED lamps and a solar panel.

PRICE £399/£57.30

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