8 Best Emergency Backpack Kits: Buyer’s Guide (2021) Leave a comment

The Prep Store Elite Emergency Survival Pack Elite Kit is geared to provide you with everything you can think to keep you safe and satiated in case of an unthinkable event. Water won’t be an issue as the included filter will clean up to 1,500 gallons. And it also comes with a filter pump, straw, bottle, 2.5-liter bladder, and 2-gallon container too. 

If you find yourself having to sleep outdoors, you’ll be equipped for it thanks to the included one-person tent, three-season sleeping bag, the large mosquito net, and a full-size poncho. Also included is a ferrocerium rod fire starter to provide both warmth and cooking heat. There’s 10-piece cooking set to accompany that. As well as a fishing kit, hatchet, skinning knife, machete, sharpening stone, hand chain saw, and folding silverware. 

The folding solar charger and power bank lantern ensure that you should never run out of power. The lantern also has an emergency beacon. And there’s a two-way ham radio built-in with NOAA weather radio signal. 

In addition to these already impressive features, you’ll also find a 70+ piece first aid kit, a mask, gloves, insect spray and clip-on repellent, and plenty more. The Prep Store Elite Emergency Survival Pack Elite Kit is truly an impressive package at a very reasonable price. 

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